Lethbridge Move Two-Year Anniversary


Two years ago today, my wife and I, along with our sick cat, Feather, packed up and relocated to Lethbridge, AB. I had accepted a job with a company that was on a fantastic trajectory (and would win the Small Employer of the Year award from the Lethbridge Chamber of Commerce later that year) and we were looking forward to our new life and new adventure.

Two years later, the company I started working with is out of business and I’m trying to get my own consulting business running, with invaluable help from my wife. Our cat, Feather, who was already diagnosed with late stage kidney failure when we moved, passed away in the winter of 2015. Not exactly how we were expecting things to play out, but then again that’s just how life seems to go.

It hasn’t all been sad news.

We’ve made some great friends, some of the nicest people we’ve ever met. We’re well into the process of making our house into our home with ongoing fix-ups and improvements, including a new garage, some new light fixtures, fresh paint, and all the yardwork Tracey has done to make our gardens and stuff all lovely. Our consulting business has already earned a second-place in a business plan writing competition and things are generally looking up for our overall profitability. We’ve found several nice local restaurants, including more than one really good pizza place. And although the traffic can be a little scary, the volume is so much lighter compared to Calgary that, on balance, it’s an order of magnitude less stressful.

No, things aren’t perfect. We’ve found that there are some clique-ish elements here. Lethbridge is one of the only cities in Canada that still stubbornly refuses to implement a curbside recycling program. But then again, nothing’s perfect.

All in all, this has been a good move for us. We’ve settled into our new community, we’ve established new traditions, and we’ve found ways to contribute and give back. No regrets at all about making this change. I’m looking forward to the next two years!


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